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Hi, everyone! I'm Isabel, journalism student, and I created this blog to write book reviews for a Creative Writing class. I hope you will all enjoy them, comments and critics are well received!

You Must Love, Galatea

Exercice 39 of 3 A.M. Epiphany WORD COUNT: 1022   “Dear sister, Galatea, Just Love I learned early this morning that you were going to marry a man from a good and respectable family. I would like to express my sincere... Continue Reading →


Fragments of Life

Exercice 21 of 3 A.M. Epiphany WORD COUNT: 672   He was lying peacefully, arms crossed, eyes closed. His skin was pale, almost unreal, he looked like a porcelain doll of collection, these that can not be touched, only admired.... Continue Reading →

Acceptance Declined

Exercice 72 WORD COUNT: 1028   From: Sarah King <> To: Date: March 5 2017 at 7:00 Subject: I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Dad! Acceptance Declined I just received my admission letter for the MIT! I can’t believe it!!!!! I... Continue Reading →

Surviving Auschwitz with Primo Levi

In our times, hell must be like this Last week, I wrote about a novel I was reading, Survival in Auschwitwz (If This Is a Man), a memory of 216 pages written by Primo Levi in 1947 originally in Italian.... Continue Reading →

Auschwitz Through Primo Levi’s Feather

  It's Monday! What Are You Reading? I am finally reading what I’ve always wanted to read. Yet in the page 74 from 216 of the “Survival in Auschwitz (If This Is a Man)” by Primo Levi, I am already... Continue Reading →

Buddhist monks in Bagan

1984 – George Orwell

  I just finished reading probably one of the most venerated book of the past century. To put the story into context, 1984 was written in 1948 by George Orwell at the end of the Second World War and in... Continue Reading →

10 Randoms Things About Myself

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