This semester, I have had to read many books, write a lot and especially work in my English proficiency to improve my literature skills in the language. I am used to read in my two native languages: French and Spanish. Consequently, it was a challenge for me that I believe I got used to by the end of the semester.


I wrote reviews about five different books, in which four were novels I always wanted to read. In addition, Pour les Musulmans gave me a good perspective about politics in France, especially weeks before the Presidential Elections next April 23th. Stephen King’s book helped me improve my writing skills while 1984 and If This Is A Man threaten the fascist regime in two different ways, representing and showing the atrocities human beings can be lead to do.


Blogging was a different exercise than the ones I was used to do, it was original and contemporary. It is refreshing to be graded on the good use of communication though new technologies. However, in my other assignments I didn’t do well mostly because I didn’t format the essays well.


I am not sure yet of the future of this blog, but I will probably keep posting sometimes, but about a different topic. Indeed, I am traveling to Myanmar and Cambodia this Summer where I will be volunteering, to later move from Gainesville to Amsterdam.

University of Amsterdam
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Indeed, this is my last semester at Santa Fe College and I am now transferring to the University of Amsterdam, or UvA, to study Communication Science.


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You can expect some personal opinions about the volunteering programs I will be doing and about tips of my travels. I have already started a Youtube account with my boyfriend to help backpackers and travellers likes us to follow their dream!

Thank you for reading my posts! Have a wonderful Summer everyone.