“Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around”

I am currently in page 110 of the 284 of the book On Writing by Stephen King. I stopped before the chapter “Toolbox,” without having read enough to draw a clear conclusion of my opinion, but enough to retain a few details.

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Stephen King gives us very useful tips to be able to write our own stories with sincerity. He is “an open book” by sharing his past with us.

I can already say that my writing can be improved if I follow his advices, or if at least if I decide to take them into account and adapt them into my original and previous writing style.

He includes dialogues, short sentences, style figures and funny anecdotes that make the reading easy and flow naturally.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King – Retrieved from Amazon.com

A simple example would be on page 26 where he includes a metaphor “It stung, and it tasted awful, but after the doctor’s lung needle it was a walk in the park.” I used this example randomly to show the simplicity of his sentences and his way to share banal stories to make his point. It made my reading more pleasant and easy to follow.

Stephen King shared with me, a simple reader, personal anecdotes and advices that as a beginner I think are very useful. For example, he taught me that I had to write a story that I like before anything else without worrying about the possible criticisms the text could receive. Moreover, even if I am not always sure of my writing skills in English, I think he makes us feel confident to write as if our idea or our story was really incredible –even if it’s actually not. He taught me so be confident of my writing, no matter what.

He wrote on page 101:

“I’m going to tell you as much as I can about the job. As promised, it won’t take long.”

I like this quote because it is both simple and appealing by his way of speaking to us so casually. He talks to us, he promises, he shares with us his years of adolescence, of marriage, of grievance.

Yet, I like the book. I look forward to seeing the advices that he reserves for me thereafter…

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